2018 Guitar Classes Policy

with Mr. Bettencourt



This policy insures the quality regulations for any student interested to have online classical guitar classes with Mr. Bettencourt.


1. Eligibility


All the students from any age, race, gender and guitar level standard are eligible to apply to Mr. Bettencourt classes.


2. Bookings:


All the students should register on http://rubenbettencourt.setmore.com/, provide all their requested details and book their class accordingly with the available schedule. No holds will be provided in case the time slot is already taken with exception for the contractual subscriptions which have priority to book the times slot. Take note that the booking only will be completed after full and advance payment prior the class. (check “5. Payments” for further information)


In case it’s necessary any exceptional time slot, please contact Mr. Bettencourt via email on http://www.rubenbettencourt.com/contact .


3. Classes/Requirements:


Every class has a length of 60 minutes and requires some technical conditions in order to go smooth as much as possible. For satisfactory internet speeds it requires a minimum of 10mb/s download and 2mb/s upload. It requires a mic, webcam, built in or not, headphones and internet connectivity, preferably via Ethernet cable (connecting directly router to computer), instead of Wifi connection (unless you have a minimum of 10mb/s or upper upload speeds). Please make prior your internet speed test via www.speedtest.org and make sure that you don’t have any other person or device connect to the network to insure that you have full internet speed dedicated to this test.

Every class should be followed by standard footstool and paper score (digital if you have extra device like tablet (Ipad or other)). Due to ensure the maximum productivity interest, at the beginning of the class will be required to put phone in airplane mode, and in case of home shared with other people, a place completely silent for not disturbance of the class.


3.1 Classes – Additional Information:


Every class is recorded with Full HD 1080p quality and given to the student in a movie file via cloud service in a period of 72h. After this timing, even if the student haven’t downloaded the video class, the file will be automatically eliminated. If you subscribed to a yearly contract, this service is free of charge, and the remain packages services, have a cost of $10 per video class download.


In case you lost your year downloads due to technical or unintentional deleting, Mr. Bettencourt have your videos in backup for a period of a year. It will be provided to the student all the backup via cloud service for a fee of $199.


All classes are recorded and can be used by Mr. Bettencourt for promotional purposes.


3.2 Classes – Late Arrivals or no show up:


Late arrivals are accepted for a maximum of 20 minutes with no refund for the time not used. After 20 minutes waiting, the class is “call out for no show” and it will be canceled with no refund provided. Mr. Bettencourt makes the effort to know if the student is late for the class via official direct contact (phone, email, whatsapp).


4. Packages Pricing:


In order to have classes with Mr. Bettencourt, you should choose one (1) of the following class packages:


Premium Subscription (payments every 3 months - trimester):


This Premium subscription includes:


• 4 classes a month (1 per week or 2 every two weeks)

• Work plan every 3 months -  free of charge ($50 worth)

• Videoclass and Digital Score edit download (free of charge)

• Reschedule allowance

• Entry for Mr. Bettencourt student internal competition (free or charge)

• 24h booking (for after hours at Mr. Bettencourt timezone, for more information read “Red Eye Class” at the end of this chapter).

• 2 free classes a year (after completing the current contract)


The price is $720/3 months ($240/month, $60/class), with a contractual attachment for a period of 12 months requiring initial deposit equivalent of 1 month fee. For new and initial students it’s acceptable to pay the initial deposit plus 2 months classes payment just to start. Afterwards, payments every 3 months, keeping the security deposit in.



Pro subscription (payments every 1 month - monthly):


This Pro subscription includes:


• 4 classes a month (1 per week or 2 every two weeks)

• Work plan every 3 months -  free of charge ($50 worth)

• Videoclass and Digital Score edit download (free of charge)

• Possibility to enter the Mr. Bettencourt students internal competition for a fee of $20.

• 1 free class per year (after completing the current contract)


The price is $260/month ($65/class), with a contractual attachment for a period of 12 months requiring initial deposit equivalent of 1 month fee.



10 Classes Subscription (Billed 10 classes upfront):


This 10 classes subscription includes:


• 10 single classes which can be used anytime for period of 12 months.*

• Videoclass and Digital Score edit download (free of charge)

• Take note that need to pay up front $800 before the first class*;


* - all lessons left over after expired purchased date won’t be valid for any use and no refund will be provided.


The price is $750/10 classes pass ($75/class), with no contractual attachment.



Single class


The Single Class subscription includes:


• 1 Class

• Digital Score edit download (free of charge)


The price is $80 per single class, with no contractual attachment.


Red Eye Classes top up


$5 extra charge on top of the subscription class package for time slots after hours, depending where Mr. Bettencourt is located for your class. It requires prior an approval request via email to Mr. Bettencourt in order to ensure his availability.


4.1 Free Trial


Every student has the opportunity to have a free trial before applying to any paid class service. This free service is exclusive to a tryout, skill evaluation and explain any doubt related to the packages and terms and conditions. Free trial should not last more than 30 minutes, and should be booked with the following conditions in mind:


- Filling the form for free trial provided on the page “Free Trial” and being truly in all the spaces filled;

- Prepare the best piece on hands to play;

- Knowing in advance that this service serves the purpose to select the best students to be part of the very limited Mr. Bettencourt guitar class.

- Since Mr. Bettencourt has very limited time, if not eventually interest to apply to paid services, it's appreciated not to apply to this trial.



5. 3 Month work Plan:


Mr. Bettencourt provides free of charge to contractual yearly plans, a 3 month work program divided by every 2 weeks class, to ensure your progress and your goals as a student. Due to high level class, is from a high interest to keep up with the achievements and to see further progress from interpretation, technique and stage presence perspective. Every program will be specifically adapted to each necessities and available practising time daily.


6. Mr. Bettencourt contractual student contest:


In order to motivate and keep students as much tuned for their performances, Mr. Bettencourt provides a competition for his contractual students.


This competition consists on a blind audition by 3 independent jury (guitar players or other instrument). It is held every December of the year and requires an audio recording from the contestant.


Each audio will be put for the test under the name of “contestant (number)” accordingly with the entry as participation. Evaluation from the jury will be on scale from 0-10 points. Each performance will be evaluated to tone, interpretation, technique skills, and others and every recording should be in one 15 minute take, including any tuning in the between like a live performance. No editing or sound improvement boost is acceptable, and in case of violation of this condition, the contestant will be automatically disqualified.




15 minute free choice program

Audio recording should be sent via email until 30th November 2017, 11.59pm (GMT Time – Lisbon Time).


Final Results announcement:


On the 30th December 2017 will be announced the winner with proof of every independent juror points along with their notes for your improvement interest.


Competition Prize / Regulation:


Regarding your participation and winning this contest, the prize includes a free month of classes ($300) in the following yearly contract.  Every winner of the contest cannot participate on the following year, nonetheless can participate again of the other. (ex: winner of 2017, can only participate again on 2019).


7. Payments:


All the payments are required to be well and in advance via Paypal, wire bank transfer or credit card to Mr. Bettencourt via his website. All the costs as part of the transfer or payments are on additional charge of the student. Due to the high fees, has been unified the currency accordingly; for Europe students is a applied the currency of Euro (€) and for the remaining ones is applied US dollars.


7.1 Late payment charges and exclusion:


On the contractual subscriptions you should keep your payments up to date in order to avoid late payment fee charge. In case that happen, take note that a 25% on top of the monthly fee will be charged and a hold on the deposit will be made until you clear up the late fee payment first. Due to high interest in Mr. Bettencourt online teaching services, any student that violates contractual late payments for 3 times a year will be automatically illegible and excluded from Mr. Bettencourt services with no partial or complete payment refund for the remain classes or deposit.


7.2 Contract Renewal’s


In case the student don’t want to renew his contract for a another time period, the deposit restitution will happen in period of a minimum 60 days.


8. Cancelations/Reschedule:


Any class cancelation/reschedule should be done via the booking website or link sent by the schedule system. Only trimester students are allowed to reschedule occasionally, nonetheless It requires a minimum 24h notice before the time slot scheduled class. This rescheduled class should happen within the month of payment and in case the notice happens in less the 24h period only 15 minutes will be added to the next class. In case of late 20 minute show up, or no notice for no show up, no refund at any circumstance will be provided.


9. Mr. Bettencourt absence


As an active performer, Mr. Bettencourt performs around the World and time to time, different schedules may need to be adjusted accordingly with the time zones (GMT). Every student should be in charge to check Mr. Bettencourt performances agenda on www.rubenbettencourt.com and book accordingly with the schedule provided during the absence period. In case, Mr. Bettencourt is not able to give the classes due to travel agenda, internet connectivity or other, all the classes will be rescheduled and covered later on upon arrival. Mr. Bettencourt makes the effort to inform and advise every student for eventuals changes of his normal schedule.


10. Contract Violations


In case cancelation of contractual service prior the 12 month, is applicable a violation of the rules and conditions of this policy. Not refund will be provided for any remaining classes or payments.


The student should acknowledge as well that is not authorized to record the class at any sort of form, video or audio. The video classes download is provided only for instructional student revision and overview. The misuse, share or publication at any time or platform without a written consent from Mr. Bettencourt, will lead in a lawsuit against the student accordingly with Worldwide copyright law.


11. Policy changes.


In case of policy adjustment or change, Mr. Bettencourt will notice his students via email with a 30 days prior the new policy takes action. 


12. Further information


In case you not clarified about any of the policy conditions, or extraordinary requests are necessary, please contact Mr. Bettencourt via www.rubenbettencourt.com for further information.

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